What Should a Newcastle Wedding Photographer Wear for a Wedding Photo Shoot?

There is no law that states a particular dress code for professional photographers

Newcastle wedding photographerA Newcastle wedding photographer is not bound to a particular dress code, however, he or she should dress professionally. Dressing professionally as a photographer gives you a certain confidence and makes you look sharp and serious. Apart fro giving you confidence, here are lots of other people in attendance of the wedding that may have one event or the other coming up, it’s a way of marketing your self to these potential clients. Dressing like a professional attracts only serious people and repels unserious clients.



As a photographer, you would be standing on your feet for about 8-10 hours, it would only be nice to invest in good and comfortable shoes. You never know what you might do at the wedding. You might climb on ledges or do a few running around so heels and sandals are off except you are doing photo shots at the beach. Closed toe flat shoes or maybe sneakers could make good choices during a photo shoot.

Look good

Photographing at a wedding automatically makes you a walking brand. Like I earlier said, a lot of people would be attending the wedding and probably their eyes may be on you, watching how you carry out your work. It is important to look good and sharp because the first thing people do is to look out for appearance. So looking good should be a priority as a New Castle wedding photographer, however, do not over dress. A simple tailored shirt and a pair of trousers would do just fine. Avoid wearing denim trousers and flashy shoes.

Wear modest clothes

Yes it’s a wedding, you need to look good and all but do not forget that you were hired as a professional. Dress modestly, do not wear clothes that are too revealing especially for the ladies. Avoid wearing skimpy skirts and shorts. As for the guys, wear something modest that won’t show your hairy chests. For male wedding photographers, a comfortable shirt and slacks so as to enable you move around and seat on the floor while you are doing your photography job and for female photographers wearing dark colours are ok since you don’t want to outshine the couples or their guests. If you choose to wear a skirt, well make sure it is long enough.

Consult the couple

Well sometimes, the couple could have something in mind as regarding dress code for their photographer, so if you are a bit confused on what to wear, you could consult the couples to ask if they have a particular dress code in mind for you. This is important so as to avoid any misunderstanding as to dressing for a wedding. Remember, the couples are your bosses for the period of time you would be working with them, so it’s important to know their preferences. Ask them if the dress should be formal, casual or if there’s a particular colour you should wear or avoid.

Well we hope we have guided you on how a wedding photographer should dress for a wedding photo shoot. However, if you still need more guidance on how a Newcastle wedding photographer should dress, you can check out www.darrenirwin.com