What About Two Wedding Photographers?

wedding photographers South WalesIn order to make sure that you get the best pictures on that day, you want to hire a second shooter. The benefit of hiring one more person can be huge depending on the capabilities of that person and your party! It’s always a good thing to consider whether the price and the benefit that you’ll get are equal or worth hiring two wedding photographers South Wales.

Wider coverage

The problem with a single photographer is clear; he might not see something when he’s shooting somewhere else. One person can easily miss these things and you cannot blame him; he cannot use two cameras nor be at two places at the same time. But the story would’ve been different if you use two photographers.

Both can be assigned to cover different ground and make sure that everything that happens there are captured. This is useful if you’re throwing a huge wedding party that involved hundreds of guests mingling. It’ll be impossible for a single photographer to keep track of what’s going on in the party as well as the couple.

More pictures

Obviously with two cameras involved, you’ll be offered with more pictures on your wedding day. What really matters here isn’t that you’ll get more pictures throughout the day, but that you’ll get more pictures during important and beautiful moment.

You don’t have to get stuck with your wedding kiss that is only shown from the groom’s perspective, but also the bride’s. There’ll be multiple pictures of the parents and family members because the second shooter can focus on the guests more while the lead on the couple.

One of the best wedding photographers South Wales from www.kateadamsphotography.com explains that having an assistant can surely help in that wise. It gives the client more pictures to remember and keep for themselves and also their parents. The variety of perspectives are important because the more precious is that moment, the more pictures you want.

Less time-pressure

You also don’t have to be pressured by time with two people working. During times when you have to take pictures of people in different places, both can happen at the same time and then proceed accordingly. Such as when you have to take dress-up pictures in two different venues or when you have to take pictures of the bridesmaid and groomsmen separately.

You can also work on your group pictures more relaxingly because the second shooter is still in the hall. He’ll take care of taking the pictures in there, so the main photographer can take pictures of the group in his pace.

More expenses

With a second photographer, remember that you’ll also have to spend for tips, dinner and transportation as well. The second photographer is most likely an assistant to the main photographer, so tipping would show your appreciation to him. But, if the photographers are both main, such as husband & wife, there’s no need to tip separately and simply give them to whichever you feel like it.

If your wedding party isn’t that big and you also won’t be taking pictures of you preparing in a separate location, a second photographer is highly unnecessary. Instead of two wedding photographers South Wales, one will also do perfectly fine.