The Perfect Wedding Photographer

same sex wedding photographerWe all want to find that one wedding photographer that is able to take pictures just like how we imagine them to be. Whether it’s a same sex wedding photographer or documentary wedding photographer, it is important that you set a standard for your wedding photographer according to your budget.

That is why we’d like to help all of you in finding the right wedding photographer for your happy day.

Check your budget

How many percents of your budget do you allow to be allocated to hiring a wedding photographer? It’s important that you first decide whether it’s going to be a priority or not. For some couples, hiring a same sex wedding photographer is a priority because not everybody is able to do it. This makes them allow more flexibility in their photography budget because their options are limited.

Drop a line

As soon as you find their work interesting and captivating as well as their pricing suits you, drop them a line to make sure that they are available for the date of your wedding. Discussion can only take place when you can both deal on the date.

Meeting face-to-face

Try to meet them directly. Skyping or calling from your phone is not suggested. Spending a few hours chatting and getting to know each other is a great way to get to know your potential photographer. This is also your chance to find out if your photographer is as good as he says so on the website.

Make a list of question that you want to know from each wedding photographer. Both of have to try to meet the photographers together. Ask about their previous work, experiences, how they’ll work with you and what do they have in mind when they first heard of the both of you and the place you’re getting married at.

Discussing coverage time

The longer you hire them, the more you have to pay. But that also means you’ll get more pictures to keep and to be printed on your wedding album. The most typical package any couples want is to have their morning ceremony and evening party covered.

A four-hour coverage will give anywhere from 400~ pictures. An eight-hour coverage will give you 600~ pictures while using the second shooter can increase the amount by 200~ to double the amount a single photographer does. When considering this, remember that these pictures will be kept for a very long time and that no matter how high of the investment you made, they’ll be priceless in half a century time.

Others offer a full package where their clients will get a bonus of a few hours additional coverage for another day to be used within a certain timeframe.

Inviting for rehearsal

When setting up a rehearsal dinner is possible, do invite your photographer over. This is a good chance to build a good relationship with them and also to test shoot some pictures of the wedding. Your photographer can help you decide where you should stand and change his positions to get a better view of the event.

Waiting for the album

Check out with your photographer when the album will finish after returning from your honeymoon. Make sure that they can finish it on time because you don’t want to wait for a whole year for it to finish!