Parenting Tips If You Are Getting Newborn Photography Later On

Newborn Photography Jacksonville FLBefore we start on anything, I’d like to take you to the following page: There a lot of newborn babies’ pictures and every each of them is so adorable that you want to pinch them. But, to gain these pictures took quite a lot of effort from both photographer and parents in a newborn photography Jacksonville FL.

Yes, there are things you can do to help your newborn photographer capture those wonderful moments.

Tired Baby is Sleepy Baby

Before setting out to the photography session, you should keep your baby awake and occupied. Especially if your baby is close to or more than 10 days old, this is even more important. To a photographer, nothing is more important than the subject or model, and that is your baby.

Once she’s tired, she’ll start getting drowsy and just want to sleep. This is the perfect time to pose her and move her around as she’ll be in deep sleep in no time.


You can discuss this with your photographer. Particularly, you can talk about the best time of the day where your baby is sleeping. Note that photographers prefer to work during the day because they need natural light. Natural source of light creates lighting that cannot compare to speedlight or flash. And that means better results of your newborn pictures.

Undress before starting

The newborn session will mostly need your baby in naked condition. So, you’ll want to put your baby in clothes that are easy to take off or simply wrapped in a blanket. Keep her comfortable and warm on the way to the studio.

Check room temperature

You’d want to ask your photographer the temperature of the room and make sure that it is at least above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm room means your baby will enjoy her sleep better.

On the other hand, make sure he’s not overheating from summer and warm room.

Listen to the photographer

Because babies cannot listen to the photographer, it takes additional help in adjusting and posing the baby.That means you should be ready to help whenever the photographer needs you. Of course, you can sit back and just enjoy your time, but just in case, because you understand your baby better, always be ready.

Bring the family

Baby pictures best additions are family members, so have everyone attends the session. If you are wondering what to wear, don’t worry too much about it. Anything plain and simple and flattering is good enough! Your baby is, after all, naked. Thus, wearing something not too flashy will not pull the attention away from your baby.

Mothers are the most important part of this session

After the baby, mothers are the second most important part. You will have the most pictures taken with your baby and this is due to the emotional bond that every child has with their mothers.

White noise

To help the child sleep better, white noise will be generated to keep the baby calm and drowsy. 10 days old newborns are especially more sensitive to things around them, especially in a studio room they’ve never been at.

This also means that no one should disturb the session. No noise, no crying kids, or barking dogs should intrude as this will disturb the newborn photography Jacksonville FL session very much!