Must-Haves for Starting a Career in Newborn Photography London

newborn photography London What should a photographer before starting a career in newborn photography London? Is it experience? It is a fancy camera equipment?

You might be surprised to know the truth!

Love of children

The first thing to have is someone who enjoys the company of babies and children. Photography is a job that does not only rely on a diligent individual but also inspired and creative individual who enjoys his job. Part of getting a photography’s block is because you didn’t enjoy what you do and you are not even sure why you’re there!

If you feel eager to leave a room where a woman with a baby just walked in or cannot stand the fact that you might have to constantly clean your set from baby’s mess, this isn’t the job for you.

But if you don’t feel that, well, you might be getting a rough picture of what you’re going to have to prepare!

A studio with lots of natural light

Taking pictures of babies mean that you need to use as little artificial lighting as possible. The best kind of light ever that goes well with newborn babies are the natural ones. They don’t harm the babies’ eyes and are very soft on their skin especially with the plain and simple image babies give.

When designing your studio, make sure to have a wide window that allows light to shine in when the sun is out. Don’t forget to use this spot from time to time (some photographers forget the fact they have a good spot for taking pictures!).

Plan and adapt

In a newborn photography London session, unexpected things can happen. Some babies cannot have their babies contoured to a certain shape that you thought would look good on them. Such a shame, but you also cannot force the baby into it, no matter how long you keep the baby that way. Other times, the parents suddenly have a change of heart about allowing you to use the beanbags that hang mid-air.

Whatever the issue is, you always need to have backup plans – a prop, background and pose to use instead of what couldn’t work. Sometimes, you also can’t use the props because the babies made a mess on them. If that’s the case, be sure to have a spare of the same object. You can get two different colors for it, so it doesn’t have to be the same thing with the same color.

Messy set!

Babies! What do you expect? Newborn babies are less of a hassle, but even so, they don’t’ really warn you when they need to go. That’s why, your studio floors, blankets, basically anywhere, can be at risk of getting peed or even pooped on. The worst thing is when the baby decided to pee while you are taking pictures of him sleeping on a stack of blankets!

It’s not like you didn’t know what babies can do. So, always prepare baby wipes, clothes and a heater (to keep their body temperature warm and pee less).

After you prepare yourselves for all these things that can happen in a newborn photography London session, check out It’s a site for one of the best newborn photographer you can learn from!