Mistakes You Should Avoid Making as a Dundee Photographer

photographer DundeePhotography is not at all without its perils. There are a great deal of things to learn and an even greater deal of things that can go wrong during the process of learning. A Dundee photographer should be ready to handle anything that happens, but avoiding mistakes entirely is the best option.

There are many mistakes that can be easily made in photography. Many experienced photographers have gone through the same trials and tribulations, and they have shared how to avoid the same mistakes. Here are some of these mistakes, and how to prevent going through them:

Misuse of light

Light is very hard to control in photography, but it is essential to get absolutely right in order to get the perfect shot. You must make sure to understand as much as possible how light sources work and how they translate on camera, as well as how to take full advantage of them. Avoid taking photos directly into the sun and make sure to also keep the sources of light behind you or behind the subject at all times. Follow the movement of the sun throughout the day if the session takes a few hours. If you shoot directly towards a light source it will wash out the rest of the photographs and completely derail the brightness settings. Natural light is always the ideal when it comes to photography, but you must make it your ally rather than your enemy. Take advantage of cloudy days in particular. The light will be pleasantly diffused on its own, and there will be no confusion provided by the sun. Use the light coming through windows to the same effect, as they also naturally diffuse, but as a Dundee photographer make sure to not turn your back on the window itself.

Obsessing over rules

New photographers in particular will be anxious over the rules of photography. They will read a lot of material and try to adhere not only on the general rules, but also on personal rules that individual photographers adhere to, depending on skill and experience. Photography is highly technical, but it is also very personal, and that is what makes a photographer stand out, that is the stamp they leave on the world. Many photographers breaking into the field try to imitate what has gone before, moulding themselves to classic masters and modern icons. This erases any and all originality, which means that their work can easily be overlooked. Fear of experimentation prevents creation, and adhering to someone else’s aesthetic means that you disappear. It is understandable to want to make sure to get everything right, but remember that your work is set apart because it is yours, regardless of how they perform in terms of techniques and other specifications.

Mistakes in photography are as plentiful as photographers. It is advisable to know how to avoid the worst of them, while also making sure to experiment until you find your own style as a Dundee photographer. To see the work of a professional, visit Chris Scott Photography.