Helpful Newborn Photography Tips

Taking pictures of babies can be tricky.

newborn photography raleigh ncBecause unlike humans and children with awareness, they do not understand the notion to stay still and posing, thus you have to deal with them differently. Surely, if this is your first, nervousness and worries may creep in even seconds away from taking the pictures, wondering if you can do it just fine.

Because of this, we have list out things that save fellow beginners in newborn photography from nervousness and ensure perfect newborn photography Raleigh NC session.

Chat with your clients

Talk to them about the newborn session and whatever will happen in it. If they want it done immediately when she’s out in the world, you will want to talk about the possible date of delivery and where it will take place. There’s a chance for due date to miss, so don’t dwell on that exact day too much. Always be ready a few weeks around the mentioned due date. Also tell them to remember to contact you immediately once the baby is safely delivered so you can get ready the next day to take the pictures. Don’t get all friendly when the parents are tired after the delivery, but way before, put your social skills into play and get closer to them, so your photography session will go easier and the mother is more willing to have pictures taken with.

If they want to have the newborn session done after released from the hospital, that’s fine too. Tell them that the difference of getting newborn photography Raleigh NC session beyond 10 days after delivery will create different pictures because the baby has begun to open her eyes most of the time. Some parents don’t mind and only want pictures of their baby captured. Proceed with the photography after you both have talked about everything.

Ask if they like your style

Always have portfolios ready. If you have never done one before, you should be getting yourself involved in one by assisting someone else who is doing baby photography too. Getting a couple of experiences can help you in getting the trust of your clients that you know what you are doing and you are capable of doing it properly.

By showing portfolios, your clients will get much clearer understanding of your style. Simply saying that you can take great pictures of cute babies in the best possible poses does not cut it.

As less lightning as possible

Make use of natural lightning as much as possible. It can be pretty hard to do in hospitals, but in your studio, build or make lots of windows and means to let natural light to shine in. It can be a challenge if you are not used to it, so practice a little bit before setting on your first newborn photography Raleigh NC.

Experiment with props… beforehand

You definitely should try out props that you are not familiar with or unsure about. Do not put the baby’s safety as less than your first priority under any circumstances. Unless the prop cannot pose any danger, you are free to try and let the parents see if they like it or not.

There are tons of props sold and ideas of how to make your own creative props. Tips you can use:

  • Colorful props
  • Warm, protective type of props for newborns
  • Incorporate with fruits, for example, yellow basket with oranges or bananas
  • Plastic flowers, because babies can be allergic to wildflowers
  • Baby skin friendly materials
  • It could be something to hang the baby in, to wear or to put the baby in.