5 Things to Know About Hiring a Photobooth

hire a photo boothThe trend lately that we are sure you can see everywhere is to hire a photobooth in events. They seem to fit in just any kind of event and makes things much more fun. It entertains guests like no others and even you can enjoy them! Best of all is the fact that photobooths have gotten so much better than before.

Check out these 5 things that you probably didn’t know happens with photobooths today! We are pretty sure you will be convinced to hire one after this!

Amazing cameras

The photobooths of 2018 are equipped with new cameras that do not only capture things with better focus but are also of better quality! They capture pictures with sharper and better pictures than before, making people love the photobooths again when compared with their own smartphone’s camera.

You can do a selfie in photobooths and these extra things we will talk about that don’t exist in smartphones!

Vintage or modern?

Photobooths do not stick in a box-like object anymore. You can have a photobooth that is built from a minivan or one that does not even have a box or car. The photobooth can be decorated to your heart’s content, making it easy to fit into any kind of event. Depending on the provider, you can always find one whose photobooth’s theme suits yours.

Sometimes, it is also possible to decorate the photobooth on your own if it arrives early. You can do simple decorations that will make it blend in better with the event.

Professional providers

Photobooth used to be found on the streets, but now, we have professionals to do the job. They know the what you want and are the best if you need to hire a photobooth. One place we can recommend to you is www.smartpicsuk.com/photo-booth. You will never be disappointed with hiring this one because the price is affordable, the quality is amazing and the service is just perfect.

Professional providers don’t just hand out the booths for you to figure out. They will also provide a butler to help you take care of it. There’s no way you are going to stand next to the booth for 30 minutes before the party starts to care for it.

Full of varieties

A photobooth can have various features with it as you hire it from a professional. You can get props that the guests can use from and with the butler there, you don’t have to worry with no one understanding how to use the props. The cameras also have extra features of stickers you can use! It will hype up the pictures making them epic and unforgettable.


It is never too expensive to hire a photobooth! The cost doesn’t usually make you go nuts and is always around the range you can understand. If you consider the fact that you can fully optimize photobooth with flexible open time, entertain the guests and get more pictures out of it, you are paying less than what you gain! Wedding photography, for example, already cost thousands of dollars, but a single photobooth can cost less than a thousand dollars!

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Avoiding The Wedding Photographer From Hell

An Essex wedding photographer is a very important person.

Essex wedding photographerOn his shoulders rest the fate of your wedding photography. Nothing is worse than ugly wedding photos caused by an incompetent Essex wedding photographer. Needless to say, you do not want your photographer ruining your big day. It happens sometimes. On occasion, a couple would hire an amateur wedding photographer for their wedding. A wedding photographer more concerned about her manicured nails than the actual photography job is a no go. Hiring this kind of photographer is a spell for disaster. Sadly, some couples fall into the trap. The thing is, it could have been avoided. Stop this from happening to you by remembering these tips.

Tip number one is always schedule an interview.

Yes, the interview is your first line of defense. It is in the interview where you can scope out potentially harmful wedding photographers. Pay close attention during an interview. The personality of your Essex wedding photographer will greatly affect the wedding photography. Make sure to find a photographer who is serious about the job. Your wedding photography is a serious matter. You want your wedding pictures to be flawless. Your wedding photographer must share the same sentiments. Ask questions which probes on commitment and enthusiasm. If he shows neither, don’t hire him. Also, make sure you to ask about his past experiences.

Ask for references

This is what catches an amateur whom likely hasn’t been in the business long enough. No reference list, no wedding photography job. This is plain and simple.

Tip number two is to do a background check.

No, we don’t mean to have the FBI do an investigation on him. You can simply check out the review page. Professional wedding photographers usually have a review page on their website. All you need to do is press the link. If you are lucky, you may find your potential wedding photographer has a forum. Read through the comment there. It can tell you a lot about how a wedding photographer works. A lot of negative comments mean he isn’t a good one.

Tip number three is to review his portfolio.

The main reason you want to hire a wedding photographer is because you want top quality wedding pictures. Quality in wedding photography can be determined through a portfolio. A bad wedding photographer will always have a bad portfolio. Take a look at the pictures. Do the images look nice? Did he follow the concept? Do you like the photos in general? If the answer is no to any of the questions, you should start searching once again. It wouldn’t make sense to hire someone who doesn’t meet your standards, even if the wedding photographer comes at a low price.

Don’t be blinded by quantity.

Always put quality at the forefront. When you are checking the portfolio make sure to inquire if he really is the one who took the photos and will be covering your wedding day shoot. Sometimes, rotten wedding photographers would cheat their clients and hand out a portfolio which was made by another. Once they are hired for the job, they give you wedding photos which are nothing like the portfolio pictures. This is why reviews and background checks are necessary.

You would want to avoid being tricked into agreeing to this kind of services. If you follow these tips you’ll dodge the wedding photographer from hell. Here is an example a reputable Essex wedding photographer (www.justin-bailey.co.uk). Check out the site and save yourself from the stress of hiring the wrong person.

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When Planning An Engagement Shoot in London

Gain inspiration from everywhere.

engagement shootThere really is no limit to what you can do in an engagement shoot. You don’t have to break your head trying to conjure up original ideas for the wedding. You can be artsy and classy and all of the things that you would like to be during the wedding without getting a stroke over it. Gain inspiration from anything that everything that you are planning out. If you are getting married in London, it means that you are getting married in a venue that is idyllic enough to inspire movie scenes and the like. Try to pull your inspiration from the surroundings and from the location as much as possible.

Planning out a wedding here will also mean that you will need to plan out your engagement shoot here as well one way or the other. Get on social media apps such as Pinterest that aim to really give you ideas and pegs for the wedding. It’s legal and more than that, it is something that you will be able to do for free. That’s the best part in all of this. This is trouble that you can do away with if you have a professional getting things done for you and planning things out for you when it all comes down to it.

Get your oily skin under control as much as possible.

This might not initially seem like that much of an issue in the beginning but what you need to keep reminding yourself of time and time again is that oily skin is never flattering on anyone and this is why you really need to go ahead and do something about it at the end of the day. bring in some compact powder for the engagement shoot or if the makeup artist that you hired for the event happens to be present during the engagement shoot, make sure that you constantly have touchup sessions as well just to keep things fresh and just to make sure that oily skin is something that is kept at bay as much as possible. If you aren’t the type who relies on makeup all that much to keep things fresh and updated, you might want to go ahead and have some blotting paper handy just to make sure that you get to keep the oiliness at bay all of the time. It will only take a few minutes for you to fix up your complexion but it will make all of the difference in your photos and it will help make things easier for your hired wedding photographer.

If you have children or pets, feel free to go ahead and bring them along with you.

A wedding isn’t merely between two people. It is also a union of their families as well as of their children and pets if they happen to have any. Make sure that you get to include this as much as you possibly can. Getting married in London? Go check out wedding photographers from www.mattbadenoch.com

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Interesting Wedding Venues In UK

Brinsop Court Manor House

wedding venueIf you would like to go for a wedding venue that is unique and something that will more or less bring something different to the table, then you should definitely try to go ahead and take a look at Brinsop Court Manor House one way or the other. The best part in this wedding venue is the fact that it actually is a place that has a distinctive quality or personality to it that the other wedding venues out there just seem to lack by and large. As with the rest of all of the other regal castles in the UK, you also get a moat right at the entrance of Brinsop Court. This grand wedding venue has 800 acres of gardens and woodlands that you and your guests can enjoy and explore. It really paints out that grandiose backdrop into what you are trying to achieve at the end of the day and it is something that you can go ahead and work out to your favor for as long as you go ahead and out your mind into it when it all comes down to it. The history that this particular wedding venue comes along with is just downright beyond words and you should seriously think about booking it one way or the other. The interiors are elegant and posh and something that you are bound to enjoy all throughout the time that you have the wedding in full swing if you do decide to book it as your wedding venue.

Upper House Hayfield

Looking for a wedding venue that will more or less help make you feel at home is a novelty unto itself but this is exactly what you will be getting if you do decide to book a country house as your wedding venue. The thing about country houses like this is the fact that they exude romance ad mystery right from the get go. This is the kind of vibe that can really go ahead and make all of the difference in the world the entire time that you are trying to more or less work things out. You will have the luxury of dining in a banquet hall that has been around since the 12th century. The thing about this manor house and the accommodations that it is able to offer out to you and to your guests for the wedding is that you will be getting services that have been tagged and graded as 5 start. This means as well that the wedding venue will not be cheap. It is bound to come up with a price one way or the other but it will always be well worth what you are putting into it in the long run and that’s what’s really important. You also have full control over the type of accommodations you will be getting if you book Upper House Hayfield as the main wedding venue.

You have the option to go for an extended weekend celebration and reserve the place for the wedding for roughly around three days or so. At the same time, you also have the practicality of being able to book it in just one day if you would like to more or less keep things simple and interesting for the wedding.

Searching for the best wedding photographer in UK? Look no further, just check out Denise Winter Photography.

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Ten Must-Captured Moments in a Wedding

Weddings are one of the most important celebrations in a person’s life. As such, wedding photographers have the unenviable task of making sure every important moment of such a celebration gets to be captured.

Granted that there are many moments to choose from, if one would not which moment matters most, there is a chance that at least one important moment would be missed, creating an incomplete wedding experience that no one would want to have. Thus, we have prepared the 10 most important shots that must be captured during the wedding to serve as a handy guide for both the photographer and the couple to ensure that an event as memorable as wedding is captured extensively well, with no important missed in the process.

The Wedding Ceremony

  1. The procession of the bridal party

This moment marks the beginning of the wedding ceremony proper, so it is important that this is captured. In particular, the moment the flower girl and the ring bearer walk the aisle is worthy to capture, especially if these roles are played by children which would provide a moment of cuteness.

  1. The bride marches down the aisle

To say the least, the moment the bride enters and walks down the aisle is a magical moment that cannot be expressed in mere words. It also shows the bride at her most radiant and most graceful that makes this moment picture-worthy, so to speak.

  1. The bride and the groom meeting at the altar

Symbolically, this moment is a transition period in which the bride and the groom would meet for the last time as boyfriend and girlfriend onwards to their first moment to come as husband and wife. For both of them, it is a moment mixed with excitement, nervousness, and joy, emotions that should be captured as an important part of the ceremony and of their lives as well.

  1. Recital of vows of the bride and the groom

This is an important part of the wedding ceremony in which both the bride and the groom express their promises of love and faithfulness to each other. It is a sincere moment that never fails to tug the heartstrings.

  1. The exchange of rings between the bride and the groom


This is also another important part of the wedding ceremony that carries a lot of meaning. No words are necessary as the act itself is enough to show that the bride and the groom are now ready to face a new chapter in their lives together as a married couple. For this moment, it is important that the action of the hands are captured clearly.

  1. The kiss


Of course, this is the most well-known and the most anticipated part of the ceremony, the highlight of the event for that matter. Nothing else needs to be said but it is important that this moment is captured as perfect as possible.

The Wedding Reception

  1. Sipping of the champagne by the bride and the groom

This is one of the traditions of the wedding reception that should not be missed as it serves to celebrate the union of the bride and the groom as newlyweds as well as the hope of a blissful and fruitful union of the two.

  1. First dance of the bride and the groom

This moment never fails to provide a romantic atmosphere as the newlyweds do what is considered their first romantic act as husband and wife. It is considered a sweet and lovely spectacle, not to mention a milestone that deserves to be recorded.

  1. The bride and the groom cut the wedding cake

The cutting of the wedding cake is one of the oldest wedding traditions that has managed to survive over the centuries, which further stresses its significance. It is also one of the most symbolic as it symbolizes the continuity of their relationship, their support for each other, and hopes for good luck and fortune.

  1. The bouquet toss

It is one of the most popular highlights of the wedding reception and also the most fun part as well. It would be hard to miss capturing the smiles and the “competitive spirit” of the women who will try to catch the bouquet.

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Where Do I Start in Finding a Wedding Photographer?


If you are someone in the middle of preparations for your upcoming wedding, chances are you are trying to find a photographer at the moment. These days, it is not difficult to do so given the availability and wealth of information out there. But sometimes, the information we encounter is too much that sometimes we get overwhelmed and confused as we now ask ourselves, “where do I start?”

To help you get through this confusion, here are some places where you can start off in finding a wedding photographer.

1. Your own network

Basic as it may seem, the best place to get started is within your immediate circle. In this case, start by getting in touch with people in your own network. This would include your family, relatives, and friends. Most especially, try to connect with those in the network who got married recently ask how well did their wedding photographer do in covering the event. If there are any, try to check out the photos that were done by the photographer to have an idea of his photography style and see if it would fit your preferences.

Even if there are no recent weddings to note, still try to ask around and maybe some of them have a photographer they would know or recommend. Or, by a stroke of luck, you may have those in your network who are photographers themselves who may either cover the wedding for you or know fellow photographers who are available.

2. Bridal fairs

Bridal fairs provide an excellent venue to find wedding photographers. One advantage of such events is that it provides a single venue where you can get acquainted with as many photographers as possible and see what they offer, providing much convenience and saving considerable time and effort on your part as well.

Another thing to note about bridal fairs is that some participating photographers take advantage of this event by offering special discounts for those who will avail of their services during the fair. It’s something worth keeping in mind.

3. Social media


With the growth of social media, a growing number of wedding photographers have begun to use this tool to their advantage in promoting their services through paid advertising or viral marketing among others. In fact, you may have seen some of their works which have spread virally in the web.

Social media is also a good source of information, especially if you’re focusing your efforts online. With more photographers now having an established presence in social media, you get to save considerable time and effort in reaching out to them, not to mention being able to easily see their portfolio.

4. Bridal publications and websites

There are a number of publications and websites available that are dedicated to wedding matters that you can check out. Many of these publications have a directory listing of wedding service providers like wedding photographers that you can contact.

Also worth checking out are the wedding coverages they feature on their respective publications and sites which spotlight the work of the photographers who covered those weddings. These features should give you an idea of the work and style of the photographer you may have in mind.

5. Classified listings

Whether online or offline, classified listings have long been a reliable source of information on wedding photographers. The downside though is that the listings do not provide much detail, at least when comes to the work they have done, unless they listed their site or online portfolio in the ads. But with the limitations of the source, what is important at least is that they have provided valid contact information and that your queries to them will be promptly answered.

6. Online forums

Online forums are also a good source of information as to where to find wedding photographers. Check out the wedding forums in online communities or online communities dedicated specially to weddings; some of these places have helpfully put up wedding photographer questions as sticky posts so you won’t have a hard time finding them.

Given the democratic nature of online forums and communities, some information you may find may not be entirely accurate. Take such information with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to those that don’t have additional information available.

7. Wedding planners

Wedding planners can be very helpful in taking care of most of the wedding details for you, giving you lesser headaches and worries to mind about your wedding. In some cases, wedding planners can take care of finding a photographer for you if in case you have not found one.

Whichever option you will take in finding your wedding photographer, in the end it is the photographer’s skill and expertise that will matter. Always be sure that you get to know your photographer and the quality of the service he offers before you make the choice.

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