The Edinburgh Photographer You Need

Edinburgh photographerPhotography is a passion that comes from somewhere deep within the soul. To be able to capture precious moments that will never happen twice is a gift that is bestowed on a remarkable Edinburgh photographer who has the natural eye to capture extraordinary instants. When you need the services of a photographer always note that what a professional can offer is different from what an amateur can.

Professional photography

Any one of us can take a picture, especially with all the new technology instilled in our phones and cameras. It’s just as easy as clicking the camera button, and we got ourselves some pictures. We have hundreds of pictures that we post in our social media, but how many of those pictures can we honestly say have a very high-quality worthy of turning into a portrait, or include in a special album as an heirloom? Ordinary pictures are alright for any day, but when it comes to our very special days, like our wedding, we cannot simply take a chance that a friend in the crowd can take a timeless picture.

We need a professional eye, someone who is blessed with in-born creativity that is developed through years of photography experience. We need a professional Edinburg photographer who is prepared for any kind of circumstances, whether it rains in our special day, or if the snow gets thicker, or even if some things go awry, but will still make our day extra special with good humor. A friendly atmosphere is indeed what we need during the time when we say our vows and tie the knot. A highly skilled wedding photographer with a particular attention to detail can make our day captured in beautiful, amazing photographs that will last for many lifetimes.

Artistic photography

Edinburg is a fantastic place to get married in. The historic places that are rich in stories are perfect for any wedding, any day of the year. The remarkable landscape of the wedding venues will create a breathtaking background for our wedding photos. In the hands of an accomplished Edinburgh photographer, our wedding photos will not only be about us, but everything in it will come to life. We will appear to be one with nature, in a high quality photograph that conveys so much energy and joy.

A timeless photography is what we need to preserve our utmost happiness in our wedding day. We will grow old one day but we will always have the amazing photographs that will always remind us of the choices we’ve made, and how fulfilling it has been. Mark Quinn Photography is highly capable of making our precious moments even more extraordinary in fine art photography. Aside from weddings, Mark Quinn also caters to photograph sessions with our beloved pets, admired landmarks, and beautiful portraits. He travels all over Edinburg and in other places, and always goes an extra mile for his clients who fast became his friends. His good nature puts people at ease, and his remarkable outgoing personality definitely influences those around him to be at their best, and thus the result are exceptional photographs of us.

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5 Things to Know About Hiring a Photobooth

hire a photo boothThe trend lately that we are sure you can see everywhere is to hire a photobooth in events. They seem to fit in just any kind of event and makes things much more fun. It entertains guests like no others and even you can enjoy them! Best of all is the fact that photobooths have gotten so much better than before.

Check out these 5 things that you probably didn’t know happens with photobooths today! We are pretty sure you will be convinced to hire one after this!

Amazing cameras

The photobooths of 2018 are equipped with new cameras that do not only capture things with better focus but are also of better quality! They capture pictures with sharper and better pictures than before, making people love the photobooths again when compared with their own smartphone’s camera.

You can do a selfie in photobooths and these extra things we will talk about that don’t exist in smartphones!

Vintage or modern?

Photobooths do not stick in a box-like object anymore. You can have a photobooth that is built from a minivan or one that does not even have a box or car. The photobooth can be decorated to your heart’s content, making it easy to fit into any kind of event. Depending on the provider, you can always find one whose photobooth’s theme suits yours.

Sometimes, it is also possible to decorate the photobooth on your own if it arrives early. You can do simple decorations that will make it blend in better with the event.

Professional providers

Photobooth used to be found on the streets, but now, we have professionals to do the job. They know the what you want and are the best if you need to hire a photobooth. One place we can recommend to you is You will never be disappointed with hiring this one because the price is affordable, the quality is amazing and the service is just perfect.

Professional providers don’t just hand out the booths for you to figure out. They will also provide a butler to help you take care of it. There’s no way you are going to stand next to the booth for 30 minutes before the party starts to care for it.

Full of varieties

A photobooth can have various features with it as you hire it from a professional. You can get props that the guests can use from and with the butler there, you don’t have to worry with no one understanding how to use the props. The cameras also have extra features of stickers you can use! It will hype up the pictures making them epic and unforgettable.


It is never too expensive to hire a photobooth! The cost doesn’t usually make you go nuts and is always around the range you can understand. If you consider the fact that you can fully optimize photobooth with flexible open time, entertain the guests and get more pictures out of it, you are paying less than what you gain! Wedding photography, for example, already cost thousands of dollars, but a single photobooth can cost less than a thousand dollars!

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8 Wedding Photography Questions You Should Ask

York wedding photographerThere are several questions that we know our readers would obviously ask their photographer. But the 7 questions we have here are the most important ones. Ask these questions to your York wedding photographer to figure out if he’s the right guy for the job!

How many weddings do you do in a year?

By asking this question, you want to know if the photographer takes up too much job for himself or is not really hired throughout a year. You want a middle number; not too much or too little. If you are searching for a professional photographer, this is one way to figure it out. They won’t work on so many if they want to maintain their performance.

Do you have a photography insurance?

Nothing like extra protection makes you feel safe. Insurance doesn’t just protect the photographer but also you, the client. In the case that the photographer has to pay for a medical fee or replacement fee of the injuries or damages done during the job, you don’t have to be held responsible. Many wedding venues also want you to hire one with a proof of insurance to show.

Do you provide other kinds of photography service?

What will you do if you want to focus on something and excel in it? You don’t get distracted by doing different things at once. That’s the same with wedding photography. You need to make sure your York wedding photographer is one that only focuses on wedding photography like Wedding photography isn’t an easy task; anyone who does everything won’t be able to excel in any of them.

How far do you travel?

Most photographers are ready when asked to travel far, what you need to watch out is how far they are willing to travel without incurring an extra fee. Some photographers charge extra when it’s beyond 50 or 100 miles. Discuss this with the photographer and plan things properly.

Can you show me more portfolios that are not on the site?

Photographers only put up their best work to attract customers. But when you want to seriously hire them, it’s important to see the overall of the work, not just the best. You will also receive pictures of that quality that you see from his full albums. You don’t want to get your hope up in the wrong way, so prepare yourself with this.

Have you worked on a similar photography before?

It’s always better if the photographer has experience in working in the same place or with the same vendors before. It makes teamwork easier and is also a good thing for your wedding pictures! It could also be the similar theme of the wedding, so he knows the best setting and editing to use on your pictures.

How many hours can you spend at the wedding?

This is a very important question which most couples forget or fail to enquire about. Some photographers only stay till after the vows are exchanged while some wait till the start of the wedding reception to leave. If you have a bunch of activities planned for your wedding, then you want a photographer that will stick around.

What’s inside the packages?

Many photographers include add-ons in more expensive packages and you probably think that you don’t need all of them. It’s good to know which one you can remove if you wish to save some money. There’s also an option to customize your own photography package by several photographers, so you may ask if this feature is available with your York wedding photographer, too.

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Professional vs. Affordable Photographer: Who Wins?

wedding photographer AdelaideThere’s a very big chance that you’ve never been involved in planning a wedding before. The best you did was probably to help with the process here and there. Bits and pieces about what the couples prepared, but never in details of how you should choose your vendor.

And now, it’s time for you to plan yours and you’re stuck with how to find a good photographer. That’s where we come in and help you to choose the right wedding photographer Adelaide.

Why cheap isn’t good

If you can get the same service with lower cost, isn’t that great? Pictures cannot be ‘better’; as long as they have a working camera and good pair of eyes, they’ll be able to capture the pictures. Well, service isn’t something that always ends up the same when done by different people. You get what you paid for.

Some photographers care enough to really prepare for the party and come early. They want to practice and scout the location once before starting to make sure that the plan is going smooth. They’ll help you with your dress-up session and capture those sensitive moments for you to keep.

The quality of the picture is most obvious in this case. It’s not easy to get a good picture of something. Simply taking pictures is easy, but to take it in a way that looks amazing, that’s hard. An affordable photographer can take pictures, but probably not in the latter way.

Things not as promised

Because your photographer wants you to sign the contract and pay up already, they’ll do anything to make sure that you’re happy. In the beginning, anyway.

A wedding photographer Adelaide from talked to us. A lot of cheap photographers don’t really care about their clients. If they can’t make it, they’ll make anyone with a camera do. It just shows that he doesn’t really care how your pictures will end up, just as long as you get the pictures as promised.

If the guy behind the camera cannot do his job well, not any kind of editing process that makes it right again. The photographer is the key here; editing isn’t going to solve many things.

So, beware!

There are a lot of sad cases of couples dealing with awful photographers. It was awful to see those people end up with wedding pictures that aren’t even worth looking at. They were taken from weird angles that make the couple look horrible. They weren’t well planned and the editing simply makes them look cheap.

They trusted and spent so much money on it, only to see those horrible pictures at the end of the process. Not even blaming or demanding compensation can return the time and let them hire someone else to take their pictures. It’s not like they can hold another ceremony and party again.

And just like that, you need to be extremely careful and detailed when looking for your wedding photographer Adelaide. Hiring a professional may mean spending thousands of dollars more compared to those cheap ones. But it’s certainly worth the tears of happiness that you’ll shed.

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5 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Photographer

wedding photographers SurreyThere are a lot of questions list out there, telling you that you should ask those questions to your photographer. You might actually end up printing the list of questions and share them with the potential candidates instead. We’ve compiled 5 basic questions that you must ask those wedding photographers Surrey.

What are your experiences?

You have to expect that the photographer will tell you about the relevant experience at your wedding. Of course, you need to explain briefly the size and the venue for your wedding. You may talk about more specific things like theme and color tone of it if exists.

Note that the photographer should have at least a couple of experiences he can say about your wedding. It could be in relation to the venue or the theme. Things like that tell you that, okay, this photographer at least know the taste of the wedding. All he needs to do is adjust a little more and he should be fine.

How exclusive is your service?

You don’t have to ask him this way per se. The meaning of this question is to find out how often are you booked? The more often one is booked, the more likely he’s known for his professionalism.

At the same time, make sure that he’s not too packed during your wedding date. You don’t want a photographer whose mind is all over the place and can’t perform optimally. That photographer might be tempted to tell you that, yes, he can. So be the one to reject him.

One of the best wedding photographers Surrey from always makes sure that he puts several days off from each wedding job. If possible there has to be no more than one every week to make sure he gets the rest he needs and have the time to edit the pictures from last week.

Tell me about your style

You need to make sure that the photographer’s style will suit your taste. You might have gone through his gallery before to end up wanting to try to talk to the guy. There are several pictures that you like and you can tell him that. At the same time, you should also request for more pictures for a better look at his overall style.

Make sure that you’re talking to the photographer of that picture. If it’s a studio run with multiple photographers in it, you need to have all these discussions with that person.

How about the albums?

Printing the albums is an important part of the process as that is the end product of what you pay for. Consult about the choice of album design and the number of pictures that can be included in there. Typically, you should be able to fit in at least 70 in it and depending on how long you hired your photographer, you’d want more. Ask for details like how long is needed to finish one and if you’ll be given a preview.

The contract

Check if anything else is included in the package as you’ve agreed. Crosscheck on payment details, such as when to deposit and send the full payment. Ask for his solution in case that he can’t come for whatever reasons. You should also pay attention to read the cancellation policy just in case.

All in all, these 5 basic questions should be your base in asking everything you need to know from wedding photographers Surrey.

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What About Two Wedding Photographers?

wedding photographers South WalesIn order to make sure that you get the best pictures on that day, you want to hire a second shooter. The benefit of hiring one more person can be huge depending on the capabilities of that person and your party! It’s always a good thing to consider whether the price and the benefit that you’ll get are equal or worth hiring two wedding photographers South Wales.

Wider coverage

The problem with a single photographer is clear; he might not see something when he’s shooting somewhere else. One person can easily miss these things and you cannot blame him; he cannot use two cameras nor be at two places at the same time. But the story would’ve been different if you use two photographers.

Both can be assigned to cover different ground and make sure that everything that happens there are captured. This is useful if you’re throwing a huge wedding party that involved hundreds of guests mingling. It’ll be impossible for a single photographer to keep track of what’s going on in the party as well as the couple.

More pictures

Obviously with two cameras involved, you’ll be offered with more pictures on your wedding day. What really matters here isn’t that you’ll get more pictures throughout the day, but that you’ll get more pictures during important and beautiful moment.

You don’t have to get stuck with your wedding kiss that is only shown from the groom’s perspective, but also the bride’s. There’ll be multiple pictures of the parents and family members because the second shooter can focus on the guests more while the lead on the couple.

One of the best wedding photographers South Wales from explains that having an assistant can surely help in that wise. It gives the client more pictures to remember and keep for themselves and also their parents. The variety of perspectives are important because the more precious is that moment, the more pictures you want.

Less time-pressure

You also don’t have to be pressured by time with two people working. During times when you have to take pictures of people in different places, both can happen at the same time and then proceed accordingly. Such as when you have to take dress-up pictures in two different venues or when you have to take pictures of the bridesmaid and groomsmen separately.

You can also work on your group pictures more relaxingly because the second shooter is still in the hall. He’ll take care of taking the pictures in there, so the main photographer can take pictures of the group in his pace.

More expenses

With a second photographer, remember that you’ll also have to spend for tips, dinner and transportation as well. The second photographer is most likely an assistant to the main photographer, so tipping would show your appreciation to him. But, if the photographers are both main, such as husband & wife, there’s no need to tip separately and simply give them to whichever you feel like it.

If your wedding party isn’t that big and you also won’t be taking pictures of you preparing in a separate location, a second photographer is highly unnecessary. Instead of two wedding photographers South Wales, one will also do perfectly fine.

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