5 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Photographer

wedding photographers SurreyThere are a lot of questions list out there, telling you that you should ask those questions to your photographer. You might actually end up printing the list of questions and share them with the potential candidates instead. We’ve compiled 5 basic questions that you must ask those wedding photographers Surrey.

What are your experiences?

You have to expect that the photographer will tell you about the relevant experience at your wedding. Of course, you need to explain briefly the size and the venue for your wedding. You may talk about more specific things like theme and color tone of it if exists.

Note that the photographer should have at least a couple of experiences he can say about your wedding. It could be in relation to the venue or the theme. Things like that tell you that, okay, this photographer at least know the taste of the wedding. All he needs to do is adjust a little more and he should be fine.

How exclusive is your service?

You don’t have to ask him this way per se. The meaning of this question is to find out how often are you booked? The more often one is booked, the more likely he’s known for his professionalism.

At the same time, make sure that he’s not too packed during your wedding date. You don’t want a photographer whose mind is all over the place and can’t perform optimally. That photographer might be tempted to tell you that, yes, he can. So be the one to reject him.

One of the best wedding photographers Surrey from www.captivephoto.co.uk always makes sure that he puts several days off from each wedding job. If possible there has to be no more than one every week to make sure he gets the rest he needs and have the time to edit the pictures from last week.

Tell me about your style

You need to make sure that the photographer’s style will suit your taste. You might have gone through his gallery before to end up wanting to try to talk to the guy. There are several pictures that you like and you can tell him that. At the same time, you should also request for more pictures for a better look at his overall style.

Make sure that you’re talking to the photographer of that picture. If it’s a studio run with multiple photographers in it, you need to have all these discussions with that person.

How about the albums?

Printing the albums is an important part of the process as that is the end product of what you pay for. Consult about the choice of album design and the number of pictures that can be included in there. Typically, you should be able to fit in at least 70 in it and depending on how long you hired your photographer, you’d want more. Ask for details like how long is needed to finish one and if you’ll be given a preview.

The contract

Check if anything else is included in the package as you’ve agreed. Crosscheck on payment details, such as when to deposit and send the full payment. Ask for his solution in case that he can’t come for whatever reasons. You should also pay attention to read the cancellation policy just in case.

All in all, these 5 basic questions should be your base in asking everything you need to know from wedding photographers Surrey.

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What About Two Wedding Photographers?

wedding photographers South WalesIn order to make sure that you get the best pictures on that day, you want to hire a second shooter. The benefit of hiring one more person can be huge depending on the capabilities of that person and your party! It’s always a good thing to consider whether the price and the benefit that you’ll get are equal or worth hiring two wedding photographers South Wales.

Wider coverage

The problem with a single photographer is clear; he might not see something when he’s shooting somewhere else. One person can easily miss these things and you cannot blame him; he cannot use two cameras nor be at two places at the same time. But the story would’ve been different if you use two photographers.

Both can be assigned to cover different ground and make sure that everything that happens there are captured. This is useful if you’re throwing a huge wedding party that involved hundreds of guests mingling. It’ll be impossible for a single photographer to keep track of what’s going on in the party as well as the couple.

More pictures

Obviously with two cameras involved, you’ll be offered with more pictures on your wedding day. What really matters here isn’t that you’ll get more pictures throughout the day, but that you’ll get more pictures during important and beautiful moment.

You don’t have to get stuck with your wedding kiss that is only shown from the groom’s perspective, but also the bride’s. There’ll be multiple pictures of the parents and family members because the second shooter can focus on the guests more while the lead on the couple.

One of the best wedding photographers South Wales from www.kateadamsphotography.com explains that having an assistant can surely help in that wise. It gives the client more pictures to remember and keep for themselves and also their parents. The variety of perspectives are important because the more precious is that moment, the more pictures you want.

Less time-pressure

You also don’t have to be pressured by time with two people working. During times when you have to take pictures of people in different places, both can happen at the same time and then proceed accordingly. Such as when you have to take dress-up pictures in two different venues or when you have to take pictures of the bridesmaid and groomsmen separately.

You can also work on your group pictures more relaxingly because the second shooter is still in the hall. He’ll take care of taking the pictures in there, so the main photographer can take pictures of the group in his pace.

More expenses

With a second photographer, remember that you’ll also have to spend for tips, dinner and transportation as well. The second photographer is most likely an assistant to the main photographer, so tipping would show your appreciation to him. But, if the photographers are both main, such as husband & wife, there’s no need to tip separately and simply give them to whichever you feel like it.

If your wedding party isn’t that big and you also won’t be taking pictures of you preparing in a separate location, a second photographer is highly unnecessary. Instead of two wedding photographers South Wales, one will also do perfectly fine.

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Why Should You Hire a Wedding Photographer?

Cheshire wedding photographerOne of the reasons that people ask this question is that although they don’t feel like hiring a Cheshire wedding photographer, they’re in doubt. The worry that they’ll regret not hiring one to get some proper wedding pictures haunts them. Not to mention that you’ll still be able to save a lot if you don’t hire one.

But let us tell you why not hiring one would be a waste. It’s not about figures, but about how the intricate value of wedding pictures is simply beyond the thousands of dollars you’ll pay.

Something that lasts forever

Wedding pictures aren’t just another bunch of picture in your life. They cannot be measured by the pictures you took when you went on a field trip or a tour in Asian countries. These pictures mark the changes in your life, the day when you promised forever to your partner to love in life until death separates you.

The value of those pictures only increases with time. Just like how your grandma or mom liked to open their wedding album and looked back with eyes that see beyond the current time. These are pictures that will change your eyes like that. You won’t even remember how much you spent on these pictures by then.

Because a hobbyist doesn’t cut it

Your nephew or uncle is probably enthusiastic about your wedding and they really want to shoot some pictures for it. While it’s a nice thing for them to want to shoot, be reminded that those pictures won’t cut it. You’re not signing up for just some pictures of you and your partner. You want some that will really last a lifetime.

If your Cheshire wedding photographer is as professional as www.mauricerobertsphotography.com, you can still let your nephew become a second shooter. However, remind him that there will be the main shooter and to not get in each other’s way of working.

They are more than photographers

Hiring a professional wedding photographer means you are not simply hiring someone that take pictures. You will find yourself consulting about a lot of things in regard to preparing your wedding. Professionals like that have come to a lot of occasions to at least be able to give one or two good suggestions.

You probably don’t realize this, but they also will direct how everyone should stand to look good in the pictures on your rehearsal day. Doing so will make sure that on your wedding day, everyone’s ready to have their pictures taken.

Edited pictures

The pictures will also be edited later by your Cheshire wedding photographer. Be reminded if you had let an amateur or your uncle to do it, they might not edit as hard and detailed as a wedding photographer will. The difference is significant and you can compare by taking a look at the site I’ve mentioned earlier. You can also Google on the raw vs. edited version of wedding pictures.

The right amount of editing is necessary to create pictures that don’t look awkward and plain ugly. It is enough to clean what is not wanted from the screen, but not too much that it’d looked too unnatural.

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When You Suddenly Need to Change Your Photographer

alternative wedding photographer It’s not easy to make the decision to change your wedding photographer, albeit prove you won’t be able to work well with the guy. Mostly it’s because you’ve talked at length and it seems that both of you have agreed to a certain point. But due to one thing or another, you can’t sign the contract.

Now you have to look for an alternative wedding photographer. Where should you look again and this time, how to make sure you’re hitting it up with the right person?

Look beyond their portfolios

Many photographers put up the best pictures they have ever taken throughout their career. They make sure that all their clients can see it and believe that he’s that good. Well, lucky shots do happen. But we don’t want to place our investment in someone that relies only on ‘lucky shots’.

If you see a photographer whose style catches your eyes, ask him to bring more previous work for you to see during the consultation. It’ll be a better way to judge the skills of the photographer and ask more about their experience as well as working methods.

Start with recommendation

It’s probably a good time to begin your search on the recommendation. The best way is to meet up or ask people who are married and get to know about the person that took their wedding pictures. Take this chance to see their portfolios before even seeing the photographer, as these people are less likely to lie.

If you cannot find yourself a good start, why not take a look at this alternative wedding photographer: lianamitrea.com. We have to say that we haven’t received a single complaint report on her service and it simply proves how satisfactory her quality of work is.

Don’t resort to just any choice

Remember that your wedding photographer is very essential in making sure that your wedding pictures will be really worth it. Keep looking for a professional photographer by questioning them. If you have previously met them, it’s a good time to ask about their availability again and recollect why they were second choices.

As long as you’re not letting yourself compromise with photographers who are lacking in skills, experience, and passion, you’re good. Setting price aside is also a great idea to prevent yourself from being tempted to use a cheap photographer.

Start your search immediately

When you fail to sign the contract, don’t put the search on hold. Immediately, proceed to continue finding a wedding photographer that is of your preference and need. Remember that photographers are always booked years ahead and you have to make sure that you have a lot of options open for you.

This time, make sure that you ask the candidates all the necessary questions and take those with the most satisfactory answers and portfolios. Discuss the terms in detail and clarify the agreement that you both have. In the end, never forget to read the contract in detail before signing.

Finding an alternative wedding photographer isn’t hard as long as you stick to the key of not rushing things. You’ll be able to find someone that is really suitable for the job if you really take your time to choose.

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Baby Photography: Reasons to Get One for Yours!

baby photographyIs your baby reaching his first birthday celebration? Or maybe recently he’s spoken 5 different words? Either way, all these small milestones are always worthy enough to be celebrated and we can all agree to that.

Baby photography is one of the easiest ways to celebrate, as well as creating memorable times with your little one. These days, photographers have been creative enough to create interesting things and make the session less boring and more baby fun time!

Various themes to choose

Various photographers have various ideas to do. That includes creating themes to have baby pictures taken in. For example, some photographers like to create limited edition astronaut theme to offer. It’s going to be a session in a set that’s been decorated to look like Mars or the interior of a spaceship. Help keep hilarious and cute baby pictures!

At other times, you can create pictures based on the milestones the baby has achieved. One of the most famous is birthday cake smash. It’s a session where you can buy any kind of birthday cake to be shown to your baby. He/she will then be faced with it and aren’t we all curious to how the baby’s gonna react to the cake? It’s just going to be full of laughter, cream and maybe a little crying.

Professionally taken pictures

Remember that you’ll also have the hands of the professional to handle the pictures. This helps reassure that you’ll be getting high-quality pictures of your baby. You can check one of the best baby photography ever done in suekennedy.co.uk. We highly recommend her.

They don’t just take the pictures but will also edit them to look better and remove unwanted flaws from the pictures. Let you remember only the best part of the day.

Don’t worry about other factors like hygiene, because Sue Kennedy is a professional who also loves baby. That says a lot about showing care and making sure that the set is clean and safe for the baby to explore and get dirty on!

Create unforgettable memories

Remember when your little runt said his first word? Many of us don’t, but having some official pictures taken to commemorate it helps us regain that memory. There are a lot of small achievements that are worth remembering and have pictures taken.

These are moments of your little one growing up and becoming a better person. It’s surely worth the effort to make some amazing, unforgettable memories through pictures.

Time doesn’t go back

And once you’ve missed those time, you missed it. You can go back and wished to take a few pictures of your baby. The best time to book baby photography is now because later doesn’t exist! We don’t say this to scare you, but we’ve seen enough regrets and if you can actually afford to, why the wait?

So, don’t hesitate anymore. Baby pictures are always worth keeping. They are some of the most emotional ones because as you combine them with the pictures of your grown-up man, you’ll realize that so much has happened and so many memories have been made. But none is worth forgetting or left out.

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The Perfect Wedding Photographer

same sex wedding photographerWe all want to find that one wedding photographer that is able to take pictures just like how we imagine them to be. Whether it’s a same sex wedding photographer or documentary wedding photographer, it is important that you set a standard for your wedding photographer according to your budget.

That is why we’d like to help all of you in finding the right wedding photographer for your happy day.

Check your budget

How many percents of your budget do you allow to be allocated to hiring a wedding photographer? It’s important that you first decide whether it’s going to be a priority or not. For some couples, hiring a same sex wedding photographer is a priority because not everybody is able to do it. This makes them allow more flexibility in their photography budget because their options are limited.

Drop a line

As soon as you find their work interesting and captivating as well as their pricing suits you, drop them a line to make sure that they are available for the date of your wedding. Discussion can only take place when you can both deal on the date.

Meeting face-to-face

Try to meet them directly. Skyping or calling from your phone is not suggested. Spending a few hours chatting and getting to know each other is a great way to get to know your potential photographer. This is also your chance to find out if your photographer is as good as he says so on the website.

Make a list of question that you want to know from each wedding photographer. Both of have to try to meet the photographers together. Ask about their previous work, experiences, how they’ll work with you and what do they have in mind when they first heard of the both of you and the place you’re getting married at.

Discussing coverage time

The longer you hire them, the more you have to pay. But that also means you’ll get more pictures to keep and to be printed on your wedding album. The most typical package any couples want is to have their morning ceremony and evening party covered.

A four-hour coverage will give anywhere from 400~ pictures. An eight-hour coverage will give you 600~ pictures while using the second shooter can increase the amount by 200~ to double the amount a single photographer does. When considering this, remember that these pictures will be kept for a very long time and that no matter how high of the investment you made, they’ll be priceless in half a century time.

Others offer a full package where their clients will get a bonus of a few hours additional coverage for another day to be used within a certain timeframe.

Inviting for rehearsal

When setting up a rehearsal dinner is possible, do invite your photographer over. This is a good chance to build a good relationship with them and also to test shoot some pictures of the wedding. Your photographer can help you decide where you should stand and change his positions to get a better view of the event.

Waiting for the album

Check out with your photographer when the album will finish after returning from your honeymoon. Make sure that they can finish it on time because you don’t want to wait for a whole year for it to finish!

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