Awesome Picture Ideas with PhotoBooths In a Wedding

hire a photoboothIt’s a must-have in every wedding parties. It’s just not complete without a sort of way to capture the precious moments for your guests during the party. Because it can also be a special day for them, too! Are you planning to hire a photobooth? Here are some ideas you can use!

  1. Photobooth in a van

Another idea that is quite common, but still unique to use is a van. Especially vans that look retro and old school that already gives a unique sense. Place it outdoors where there is a lot of natural light and a seat for at least two guests to sit in. Because of its mobility, it’s easy to move around and once the party is done, it is back into a van!

  1. The classic style

The classic photobooth is the choice you can never go wrong with. It’s simple, easy to use because everyone’s been there and today, the picture quality is awesome. It also creates a private space where your guests can go crazy without feeling awkward to annoying other guests in the process. Many people add stickers and other features as well as props to go with the booth these days!

Not to mention that booths can also be customized to decorated to fit in with your wedding theme. So, if your wedding is done in Gatsby style, you can’t afford to hire one that has flowery decoration on it!

  1. DIYs

There are many DIYs ideas that couples can easily replicate in their wedding parties. The best part about it is that because it’s DIY, it will never look the same as others!

Hanging frames are easy to use props because all you need is a big tree and a couple of frames that are tied and hung on the tree. Next is to prepare a photographer that stand by to help take pictures for the guest or allow the guests to take pictures on their own. You can have a camera stood at a fixed angle, so all the guests need to do is pose at the right spot.

A message board is another easy idea that allows guests to contribute to decorating the board. Usually, the board is drawn by someone who at least has a knack to décor it. Throughout the day, you can change the words written on it, so guests can get different pictures as they follow you through the day.

Portable iPad selfie is another great idea to use because anyone can operate it on their own. iPad also has a lot of filters guests can use and it can be connected to the Internet directly, so the pictures can be displayed in slideshows inside the hall. You can also move it indoors when the weather changes.

Going indoor? You can opt to give a themed décor to a spot in front of your wedding hall for the photobooth. Have a photographer stand by or let the guests take their own pictures with a camera that is set in place. You can also hire a photobooth of this style if it takes too much time to decorate on your own from Steve Burton.