Avoiding The Wedding Photographer From Hell

An Essex wedding photographer is a very important person.

Essex wedding photographerOn his shoulders rest the fate of your wedding photography. Nothing is worse than ugly wedding photos caused by an incompetent Essex wedding photographer. Needless to say, you do not want your photographer ruining your big day. It happens sometimes. On occasion, a couple would hire an amateur wedding photographer for their wedding. A wedding photographer more concerned about her manicured nails than the actual photography job is a no go. Hiring this kind of photographer is a spell for disaster. Sadly, some couples fall into the trap. The thing is, it could have been avoided. Stop this from happening to you by remembering these tips.

Tip number one is always schedule an interview.

Yes, the interview is your first line of defense. It is in the interview where you can scope out potentially harmful wedding photographers. Pay close attention during an interview. The personality of your Essex wedding photographer will greatly affect the wedding photography. Make sure to find a photographer who is serious about the job. Your wedding photography is a serious matter. You want your wedding pictures to be flawless. Your wedding photographer must share the same sentiments. Ask questions which probes on commitment and enthusiasm. If he shows neither, don’t hire him. Also, make sure you to ask about his past experiences.

Ask for references

This is what catches an amateur whom likely hasn’t been in the business long enough. No reference list, no wedding photography job. This is plain and simple.

Tip number two is to do a background check.

No, we don’t mean to have the FBI do an investigation on him. You can simply check out the review page. Professional wedding photographers usually have a review page on their website. All you need to do is press the link. If you are lucky, you may find your potential wedding photographer has a forum. Read through the comment there. It can tell you a lot about how a wedding photographer works. A lot of negative comments mean he isn’t a good one.

Tip number three is to review his portfolio.

The main reason you want to hire a wedding photographer is because you want top quality wedding pictures. Quality in wedding photography can be determined through a portfolio. A bad wedding photographer will always have a bad portfolio. Take a look at the pictures. Do the images look nice? Did he follow the concept? Do you like the photos in general? If the answer is no to any of the questions, you should start searching once again. It wouldn’t make sense to hire someone who doesn’t meet your standards, even if the wedding photographer comes at a low price.

Don’t be blinded by quantity.

Always put quality at the forefront. When you are checking the portfolio make sure to inquire if he really is the one who took the photos and will be covering your wedding day shoot. Sometimes, rotten wedding photographers would cheat their clients and hand out a portfolio which was made by another. Once they are hired for the job, they give you wedding photos which are nothing like the portfolio pictures. This is why reviews and background checks are necessary.

You would want to avoid being tricked into agreeing to this kind of services. If you follow these tips you’ll dodge the wedding photographer from hell. Here is an example a reputable Essex wedding photographer (www.justin-bailey.co.uk). Check out the site and save yourself from the stress of hiring the wrong person.