Must-Haves for Starting a Career in Newborn Photography London

newborn photography London What should a photographer before starting a career in newborn photography London? Is it experience? It is a fancy camera equipment?

You might be surprised to know the truth!

Love of children

The first thing to have is someone who enjoys the company of babies and children. Photography is a job that does not only rely on a diligent individual but also inspired and creative individual who enjoys his job. Part of getting a photography’s block is because you didn’t enjoy what you do and you are not even sure why you’re there!

If you feel eager to leave a room where a woman with a baby just walked in or cannot stand the fact that you might have to constantly clean your set from baby’s mess, this isn’t the job for you.

But if you don’t feel that, well, you might be getting a rough picture of what you’re going to have to prepare!

A studio with lots of natural light

Taking pictures of babies mean that you need to use as little artificial lighting as possible. The best kind of light ever that goes well with newborn babies are the natural ones. They don’t harm the babies’ eyes and are very soft on their skin especially with the plain and simple image babies give.

When designing your studio, make sure to have a wide window that allows light to shine in when the sun is out. Don’t forget to use this spot from time to time (some photographers forget the fact they have a good spot for taking pictures!).

Plan and adapt

In a newborn photography London session, unexpected things can happen. Some babies cannot have their babies contoured to a certain shape that you thought would look good on them. Such a shame, but you also cannot force the baby into it, no matter how long you keep the baby that way. Other times, the parents suddenly have a change of heart about allowing you to use the beanbags that hang mid-air.

Whatever the issue is, you always need to have backup plans – a prop, background and pose to use instead of what couldn’t work. Sometimes, you also can’t use the props because the babies made a mess on them. If that’s the case, be sure to have a spare of the same object. You can get two different colors for it, so it doesn’t have to be the same thing with the same color.

Messy set!

Babies! What do you expect? Newborn babies are less of a hassle, but even so, they don’t’ really warn you when they need to go. That’s why, your studio floors, blankets, basically anywhere, can be at risk of getting peed or even pooped on. The worst thing is when the baby decided to pee while you are taking pictures of him sleeping on a stack of blankets!

It’s not like you didn’t know what babies can do. So, always prepare baby wipes, clothes and a heater (to keep their body temperature warm and pee less).

After you prepare yourselves for all these things that can happen in a newborn photography London session, check out It’s a site for one of the best newborn photographer you can learn from!

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Awesome Picture Ideas with PhotoBooths In a Wedding

hire a photoboothIt’s a must-have in every wedding parties. It’s just not complete without a sort of way to capture the precious moments for your guests during the party. Because it can also be a special day for them, too! Are you planning to hire a photobooth? Here are some ideas you can use!

  1. Photobooth in a van

Another idea that is quite common, but still unique to use is a van. Especially vans that look retro and old school that already gives a unique sense. Place it outdoors where there is a lot of natural light and a seat for at least two guests to sit in. Because of its mobility, it’s easy to move around and once the party is done, it is back into a van!

  1. The classic style

The classic photobooth is the choice you can never go wrong with. It’s simple, easy to use because everyone’s been there and today, the picture quality is awesome. It also creates a private space where your guests can go crazy without feeling awkward to annoying other guests in the process. Many people add stickers and other features as well as props to go with the booth these days!

Not to mention that booths can also be customized to decorated to fit in with your wedding theme. So, if your wedding is done in Gatsby style, you can’t afford to hire one that has flowery decoration on it!

  1. DIYs

There are many DIYs ideas that couples can easily replicate in their wedding parties. The best part about it is that because it’s DIY, it will never look the same as others!

Hanging frames are easy to use props because all you need is a big tree and a couple of frames that are tied and hung on the tree. Next is to prepare a photographer that stand by to help take pictures for the guest or allow the guests to take pictures on their own. You can have a camera stood at a fixed angle, so all the guests need to do is pose at the right spot.

A message board is another easy idea that allows guests to contribute to decorating the board. Usually, the board is drawn by someone who at least has a knack to décor it. Throughout the day, you can change the words written on it, so guests can get different pictures as they follow you through the day.

Portable iPad selfie is another great idea to use because anyone can operate it on their own. iPad also has a lot of filters guests can use and it can be connected to the Internet directly, so the pictures can be displayed in slideshows inside the hall. You can also move it indoors when the weather changes.

Going indoor? You can opt to give a themed décor to a spot in front of your wedding hall for the photobooth. Have a photographer stand by or let the guests take their own pictures with a camera that is set in place. You can also hire a photobooth of this style if it takes too much time to decorate on your own from Steve Burton.

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Mistakes You Should Avoid Making as a Dundee Photographer

photographer DundeePhotography is not at all without its perils. There are a great deal of things to learn and an even greater deal of things that can go wrong during the process of learning. A Dundee photographer should be ready to handle anything that happens, but avoiding mistakes entirely is the best option.

There are many mistakes that can be easily made in photography. Many experienced photographers have gone through the same trials and tribulations, and they have shared how to avoid the same mistakes. Here are some of these mistakes, and how to prevent going through them:

Misuse of light

Light is very hard to control in photography, but it is essential to get absolutely right in order to get the perfect shot. You must make sure to understand as much as possible how light sources work and how they translate on camera, as well as how to take full advantage of them. Avoid taking photos directly into the sun and make sure to also keep the sources of light behind you or behind the subject at all times. Follow the movement of the sun throughout the day if the session takes a few hours. If you shoot directly towards a light source it will wash out the rest of the photographs and completely derail the brightness settings. Natural light is always the ideal when it comes to photography, but you must make it your ally rather than your enemy. Take advantage of cloudy days in particular. The light will be pleasantly diffused on its own, and there will be no confusion provided by the sun. Use the light coming through windows to the same effect, as they also naturally diffuse, but as a Dundee photographer make sure to not turn your back on the window itself.

Obsessing over rules

New photographers in particular will be anxious over the rules of photography. They will read a lot of material and try to adhere not only on the general rules, but also on personal rules that individual photographers adhere to, depending on skill and experience. Photography is highly technical, but it is also very personal, and that is what makes a photographer stand out, that is the stamp they leave on the world. Many photographers breaking into the field try to imitate what has gone before, moulding themselves to classic masters and modern icons. This erases any and all originality, which means that their work can easily be overlooked. Fear of experimentation prevents creation, and adhering to someone else’s aesthetic means that you disappear. It is understandable to want to make sure to get everything right, but remember that your work is set apart because it is yours, regardless of how they perform in terms of techniques and other specifications.

Mistakes in photography are as plentiful as photographers. It is advisable to know how to avoid the worst of them, while also making sure to experiment until you find your own style as a Dundee photographer. To see the work of a professional, visit Chris Scott Photography.

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What Should a Newcastle Wedding Photographer Wear for a Wedding Photo Shoot?

There is no law that states a particular dress code for professional photographers

Newcastle wedding photographerA Newcastle wedding photographer is not bound to a particular dress code, however, he or she should dress professionally. Dressing professionally as a photographer gives you a certain confidence and makes you look sharp and serious. Apart fro giving you confidence, here are lots of other people in attendance of the wedding that may have one event or the other coming up, it’s a way of marketing your self to these potential clients. Dressing like a professional attracts only serious people and repels unserious clients.



As a photographer, you would be standing on your feet for about 8-10 hours, it would only be nice to invest in good and comfortable shoes. You never know what you might do at the wedding. You might climb on ledges or do a few running around so heels and sandals are off except you are doing photo shots at the beach. Closed toe flat shoes or maybe sneakers could make good choices during a photo shoot.

Look good

Photographing at a wedding automatically makes you a walking brand. Like I earlier said, a lot of people would be attending the wedding and probably their eyes may be on you, watching how you carry out your work. It is important to look good and sharp because the first thing people do is to look out for appearance. So looking good should be a priority as a New Castle wedding photographer, however, do not over dress. A simple tailored shirt and a pair of trousers would do just fine. Avoid wearing denim trousers and flashy shoes.

Wear modest clothes

Yes it’s a wedding, you need to look good and all but do not forget that you were hired as a professional. Dress modestly, do not wear clothes that are too revealing especially for the ladies. Avoid wearing skimpy skirts and shorts. As for the guys, wear something modest that won’t show your hairy chests. For male wedding photographers, a comfortable shirt and slacks so as to enable you move around and seat on the floor while you are doing your photography job and for female photographers wearing dark colours are ok since you don’t want to outshine the couples or their guests. If you choose to wear a skirt, well make sure it is long enough.

Consult the couple

Well sometimes, the couple could have something in mind as regarding dress code for their photographer, so if you are a bit confused on what to wear, you could consult the couples to ask if they have a particular dress code in mind for you. This is important so as to avoid any misunderstanding as to dressing for a wedding. Remember, the couples are your bosses for the period of time you would be working with them, so it’s important to know their preferences. Ask them if the dress should be formal, casual or if there’s a particular colour you should wear or avoid.

Well we hope we have guided you on how a wedding photographer should dress for a wedding photo shoot. However, if you still need more guidance on how a Newcastle wedding photographer should dress, you can check out

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The WordPress Support for Photographers That Makes You Look Professional

wordpress support for photographersOwning a site means that you have one more thing to take care of. And you will need a reliable WordPress support for photographers. But it is not that easy to even learn about what owning a site is all about!

Every wedding photographer needs a site for many reasons. Your clients will find you easier on the Internet and you can upload all your works there for them to enjoy. You can also include an online gallery feature for your clients, so they can let their family members see their wedding pictures without having to send all of them!


Setting a site up is quite easy to do, you already know what you want on your site and with just a few clicks, your site is already up and running! But the real challenge here is to keep that site running and as good as new all the time. That is not easy when we talk about the Internet, the world that is so dynamic, you have to be 24/7 observing the situation.

Many things require updating; from WordPress version to your plugins. You need to always be on alert whenever your site is suddenly down or if your plugins are suddenly messing up with the site. Not to mention that if you open the comment section, there is a high possibility for spammers to come.

Maintaining is a lot of work. You want that site to look professional and attractive when your visitors land, you got to keep it healthy and free of slow page loading and cyberattacks. That is why your WordPress support for photographers has to come from professionals like

24/7 and professional

These are the two things that you cannot possibly have to take good care of your own site. But by leaving it to the professionals, you won’t risk your site being ranked low nor do you have to spend way too much time trying to understand what this is all about. You are a photographer and you need to focus on that.

Content and ranking

They can even help you with providing an audit on how your site is performing. They will help you upload your content if you need them to, to make sure that they are displayed correctly on different types of platform. You don’t have time learning about Google analytics again when you already have so much in your plate.

Invest in getting a professional WordPress support for photographers because we know you won’t regret it. You don’t have to think too hard about how to configure your own site and what plugins you should choose for your site. You don’t have to panic when your site is down or when it is unfortunately attacked and you lost all your data.

If you choose to let professionals work on your site, just like how you want your clients to leave the professional photography job to you, you know that it will have a higher guarantee of a job well done. Definitely fewer things to worry and better performance on your side.

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