A Review of the Case Logic Reflexion Cross-Body Bag

Normally, camera bags have a boxed design which makes them look plain and somewhat unattractive to look at from a design perspective. Thankfully, the guys of Case Logic, a company long known for its quality bags, have recently released a different type of camera bag, the Case Logic Reflexion. How does this bag fare? We shall find out shortly in this review.

Not just for cameras

First things first, the Case Logic Reflexion is not just a camera bag per se. it is a cross-body bag that allows you to put in as well an iPad or other tablet. Of if you are not bringing a DSLR, the bag works excellently as a regular bag where you can put your stuff in.

For your camera, the bag has a dedicated bag that will keep your gear protected, a removable cinch-top pod with a pocket, adjustable walls and handles offers dedicated storage for your DSLR camera, two additional lenses or flash and other accessories like cleaning cloth or extra memory cards for instance. If you will not be bringing a DSLR, just remove bag to put in the stuff you will bring.

Trendy and sturdy

It also helps that the bag has a stylish and compact look that makes it a bag you can you use every day, even if you will not be doing photography, thanks to its modern, heathered material, eyelets and custom-made press stud buttons making it a trendy urban carry-all. You will not hesitate making it your regular bag that you would bring to school or work.

The material used in the bag is also sturdy enough to make the contents of your bag less susceptible to the elements like rain or liquids that might accidentally be spilled on your bag. It also has a rugged, anti-slip bottom stabilizes bag in car and on ledges and protects bag from dirty and wet surfaces.

To top it off, the bag offers a 25 year warranty, attesting to the durability and quality of build this bag offers.

Lots of storage options available

The Case Logic Reflexion also boasts a lot of options where you can keep your stuff. For one, the main compartment has an integrated storage compartment that can fit an iPad or other tablet or ultrabook and a zippered lid pocket offers convenient storage space for small valuables. There is also an asymmetrical zippered pocket for stashing and retrieving most-used items, such as your phone or lens cap, a top zipper pocket designed to store magazines or a journal, and a front zipper organizer that can safely store wallet, passport and accessories under easy-snap flap It also has two mesh side pockets to hold liquid flasks or bottles.

Other details

The Case Logic Reflexion has dimensions of 36 x 16 x 29.5 cm and weighs only 1.08 kg. It comes in two colors you can choose from: brown and morel.

Final thoughts

The Case Logic Reflexion is a superb all-around bag, not just a mere camera bag anymore. With its quality build and lots of compartments available, even if you are not a Kent Wedding Photographer, you will not hesitate making this “camera bag” the bag of choice for daily use going to work, school, or anywhere else.