5 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Photographer

wedding photographers SurreyThere are a lot of questions list out there, telling you that you should ask those questions to your photographer. You might actually end up printing the list of questions and share them with the potential candidates instead. We’ve compiled 5 basic questions that you must ask those wedding photographers Surrey.

What are your experiences?

You have to expect that the photographer will tell you about the relevant experience at your wedding. Of course, you need to explain briefly the size and the venue for your wedding. You may talk about more specific things like theme and color tone of it if exists.

Note that the photographer should have at least a couple of experiences he can say about your wedding. It could be in relation to the venue or the theme. Things like that tell you that, okay, this photographer at least know the taste of the wedding. All he needs to do is adjust a little more and he should be fine.

How exclusive is your service?

You don’t have to ask him this way per se. The meaning of this question is to find out how often are you booked? The more often one is booked, the more likely he’s known for his professionalism.

At the same time, make sure that he’s not too packed during your wedding date. You don’t want a photographer whose mind is all over the place and can’t perform optimally. That photographer might be tempted to tell you that, yes, he can. So be the one to reject him.

One of the best wedding photographers Surrey from www.captivephoto.co.uk always makes sure that he puts several days off from each wedding job. If possible there has to be no more than one every week to make sure he gets the rest he needs and have the time to edit the pictures from last week.

Tell me about your style

You need to make sure that the photographer’s style will suit your taste. You might have gone through his gallery before to end up wanting to try to talk to the guy. There are several pictures that you like and you can tell him that. At the same time, you should also request for more pictures for a better look at his overall style.

Make sure that you’re talking to the photographer of that picture. If it’s a studio run with multiple photographers in it, you need to have all these discussions with that person.

How about the albums?

Printing the albums is an important part of the process as that is the end product of what you pay for. Consult about the choice of album design and the number of pictures that can be included in there. Typically, you should be able to fit in at least 70 in it and depending on how long you hired your photographer, you’d want more. Ask for details like how long is needed to finish one and if you’ll be given a preview.

The contract

Check if anything else is included in the package as you’ve agreed. Crosscheck on payment details, such as when to deposit and send the full payment. Ask for his solution in case that he can’t come for whatever reasons. You should also pay attention to read the cancellation policy just in case.

All in all, these 5 basic questions should be your base in asking everything you need to know from wedding photographers Surrey.