The best camera that you can buy is not always the one you dig deep into your pockets to acquire. People have different preferences for their camera, while pros will need a powerful DSLR at the core of an extensive system of lenses and accessories, it will be huge, weighty, weird and most certainly not the camera of choice for most of us. For someone trying their hand at photography for the first time a point-and-shoot camera will do just fine.

Photography experts need the best combination of performance and versatility for their bucks which in this case would be a DSLR or a mirror less camera. Both of which take interchangeable lenses. You could prefer a high-end compact camera with the specs of a digital SLR in a size that will fit in your pockets. You could also go for a long zoom bridge camera which is able to handle anything on earth. However, to most of us, a camera is just a tool. As long as the picture is of good quality, the camera should not be complicated. It should be easy, affordable and efficient or rather effective. This article lights on the ten best cameras you can buy in 2015 across this platform of users.

Nikon D810


The Nikon D810 has an ultra-high resolution full frame sensor and it is quite cheap for a professional camera. It is able to produce sharper details, since it has no anti-liaising filter at the front of the sensor. It is a classic DSLR which shows the view via the lens through a mirror and an optical viewfinder. In addition, the Nikon D810 is made up of a huge range of lenses and other accessories which are suitable for both pros and amateurs.

Panasonic FZ1000


This is a type of a bridge camera, meaning it’s a compact camera. YThi8s means that it has fixed non-interchangeable lenses. The advantage of bridge cameras is that their lenses have a huge zoom range enabling them to handle almost any object or subject. The disadvantage with these types of cameras is their tiny sensors; however Panasonic FZ100 is an exception. It has a muchbigger one inch sensor that gives good definition, quality pictures and low light performance. Other bridge cameras come with a longer zoom range, but the FZ1000 comes with the ultimate blend of zoom range and picture quality.

Canon 7D Mark II


One of the reasons behind Nikon D810 high price tag is its full sensor frame. Most non-professional DSLRs use smaller APS-C size sensors which produce quality that is a better deal to a much lower cost. This is the sensor size that is embedded on the Canon7D Mark II, making it a good fit for wildlife, action and sports photography where speed and responsiveness are crucial.

Adding to the list we have, FujiX100T, Sony RX10, Canon SX60 HS, Olympus Togh TG-3, Canon PowerShot D30, Panasonic LX1000, and Panasonic TZ70/ZS50. These are the ten best digital cameras that you can buy in 2015. You could get more information on the listed brands on Google.